The most economic method of gardening

Can you guess what plant is this?

5847757087_50608b42ce  TurmericPlant trtr DSC00677 imagesreeee

Most of my friend thought it was a ornamental plant,but the truth is this plant is called turmeric plant.

This is one of the most cheapest plant ,because the the user has to just put the rhizomes of turmeric inside the soil.This plant will grow very quickly and look beautiful.The advantage of the plant is , user can also get the turmeric after full growth.User can also use the plant as an ornamental plant,because it will provide unique look to the house.

 The advantage of planting turmeric in house is  because of its less maintenance.I think instead of planting ornamental plant people can use this plant,because it adds beauty as well as unique look to your house.

The plant has numerous advantage,the plant is mostly used in siddha medicine.turmeric is found to have antibacterial function.So most of the Indian people use turmeric powder in Indian dishes.most of the people also apply turmeric powder in the wounds,because it acts as an antiseptic solution.the plant has numerous medicinal reason,so user will be widely benefited by planting this plant in their home.


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